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30. července 2015

Information about official visits of delegations

Our offer

The Prague Institute of Planning and Development offers presentations about spatial planning and strategic planning in Prague to professional delegations from public authorities and research institutions visiting Prague. Our aim is to share our experiences, knowledge and best practices with interested international counterparts as well as to exchange and network with them for mutual benefit.

Whom to contact

If you are interested in a presentation please contact us at least four weeks in advance, that we can find a suitable contact partner for your interests. Please contact us directly from the sending institution and consider that we do not arrange presentations for agent-organized tours.

Please add following information in your email: name of the institution/company; name of the contact person; requested date, time and main point of interest for the visit, the size of the group and email address (phone number, address).

Email contact:


General contact:

Martina Macáková | Foreign Affairs Specialist​

+420 236 004 718 |

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